How to remain coordinated when moving offices

10 May , 2022

We’ve all been there; many organisations plan and prepare in advance whereas others make that last minute (but beneficial) fresh start by relocating its operations into a new office space. Moving offices can prove to be hectic and time consuming, but today’s blog is here to prove that it doesn’t have to be.

The benefits of moving office

New environment

Sometimes a change in environment is all that’s needed to boost an employee’s state of mind. By relocating to a new office space that is professional and tidy, this will help to increase motivation within the workplace. An article in 2019 has shown that moving office could benefit up to 68% of your employees. Relocating offices has proven to boost productivity levels within the office due to the excitement of being part of a new working environment.

Better location

Location is also an important factor to consider. If an office is based in an area which is a long distance for employees to commute to, this may impact on their work performance. By having to travel for long hours with no local services nearby, this will mean that travel plans will need to be arranged to avoid lateness. Having to do this on a weekly basis may be tiring and stressful, which might mean that the work performance will not be up to its best standards.

However, relocating to an office space that has facilities close by such as train and bus stations will be beneficial to employees as they will not have to stress when planning how to travel to the office. Besides travel, local shops would also be a great idea as employees will have the option to purchase their lunch or take a walk. This will also make coming to work more enjoyable, which will boost an employee’s mood.

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The disadvantages of moving offices


Although relocating may prove to have positive outcomes, it is usually the process of moving which can be time consuming and therefore cause stress. Some businesses will have a set time of how long they can remain in their current office, meaning items which belong to the company will need to be removed at a quick pace. Many employees will feel pressured as they will be working under a tight deadline, which is why moving office may not be a good idea for everyone.


Before moving office, it is important to remember the cost implications that can come with this. Sometimes relocating to a new location can prove to be too expensive for businesses, who therefore may regret moving so quickly. To avoid this from occurring, a tip would be to understand the overhead costs involved in this process. This will make the decision of relocating a lot easier.

How to remain coordinated

Organise your documents

Being organised is the most vital thing to accomplish when in the process of moving offices. Ensure that key documents are in place and stored in a secure location to avoid misplacing or accidentally getting rid of. Following a schedule would be best for this, as everything will be followed accordingly.

Communicate with your team

Communicating with team members and keeping them updated with the changes taking place in the office will avoid confusion and/or stress. By having your team members alert, they will also be able to help with the moving process which will be a great time saver.

Budget planning

If moving to a different city, this is when planning your budget will come in handy. This is because costs may be higher than a business is used to, so it is always best to be prepared to handle the rise in costs. This will also help to form future forecasting and budgeting strategies.

Always keep employees in mind

When settling into the office ensure you have all the things that employees would ideally want in an office. Read our article about the top 5 things employees want in an office.

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