The current office trends of 2022

23 May , 2022

Over the last few years, the office environment has rapidly evolved, with new features being implemented to remain up to date with the latest trends. Today our team will be looking at the office trends of 2022 so far and the benefits they can have on the workplace.


Sometimes adding a little splash of art into the workplace makes such a difference to the overall environment and mood of the office. Many offices are using vibrant wall art of images or motivational messages for staff members to view. By having artwork in the office, this has been known to leave a positive impact on employees. An article written in 2019 stated that 53% of workers said that having art in the office makes them happier, with 54% believing that art should be in every workplace. Art can also create a relaxed environment, which will help to reduce stress and create positive communication between employees.

Smart technology and offices

The increase in technology developments provides opportunities for businesses to introduce new resources into the office to enhance the current work structure. Many offices have also introduced smart technology in the workplace. This includes features such as automated door sensors, which will increase security by recognising staff with their door passes. Another feature would be automated lights which will save electricity when no one is working in the office. The benefits of working in a smart office is that it can help productivity and efficiency levels.


A commonly noticed office trend is comfort; many offices are introducing furniture pieces such as beanbags and egg chairs to provide a sense of ease to employees. By having a comfortable working environment, this will help employees to wind down and take a break when needed. Focusing more on the wellbeing and mental health of employees is something which should be prioritised by every business. Click here to view our photo gallery for some office inspiration.


Businesses are becoming more aware about their effect on the environment and therefore look to find sustainable methods which can be incorporated into the workplace. If you are looking to be more sustainable, have a read of our top tips:


Plants have many eco-friendly benefits, such as improved air quality. Plants also have health benefits such as reducing sickness and stress levels. Purchase some plants for your office to see what difference it can make on the environment and wellbeing of staff.

Reduce printing

Only print documents that are necessary and cannot be emailed – if they can be emailed across to staff members rather than printing out so many pages, this is the best option to take in order to become a more sustainable office. Every year paper gets wasted, which damages the environment. Consider saving paper by producing digital reports and utilising online tools which can be edited digitally by others if necessary.


Follow the 3 R’s at all times in the workplace. By having clearly labelled bins placed in the office, this will help to save energy and prevent pollution. It is also important to reduce the amount of packaging that is purchased. Consider switching to sustainable packaging and reusing what you can at all times.

Hybrid working and flexibility

Many employees enjoy the flexibility of working from home and from the office, which is why many businesses are continuing to offer this option. By keeping this in place, a better work-life balance will be formed, relieving stress and travel times for employees who live far from their place of work. Hybrid working has also been known to reduce office costs due to the reduced number of employees working in the office at the same time.

Which office trend do you think is the most important?