The leadership skills required for workplace success

05 May , 2022

Having a manager who possesses useful key skills both in a personal sense and professional makes for a great team leader. Leadership skills are vital in the working world when managing a team, as valuable guidance and motivation will contribute towards leading the team to success. Today’s blog talks through the key leadership skills that we believe will contribute to both the happiness of employees and success of the company.

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Effective leadership is achieved through keeping the goals of the company in mind to successfully manage a team. At 84 Salop Street, although our occupiers are part of different business sectors they each value working as part of a team to meet business objectives and goals accordingly. Click here to see the businesses who reside at 84 Salop Street.


An article written in 2020 showed than 79% of employees would quit their jobs if there was a lack of appreciation from leaders in the office. By not communicating effectively with colleagues, this will create tension within the workforce as not everyone will be on the same page. Furthermore, working in a stressful environment will result in more sick days being taken by employees, with a 63% chance of this occurring.

The research has shown how important leadership skills are and why it should be highly considered by everyone operating in a business. To avoid employees from facing stress and being unhappy, it is very important for managers to show understanding and appreciation to their employees, whilst also being a positive role model for them to rely on.

What makes a successful workplace?

At 84 Salop Street, we believe that a successful workplace is one where employees are happy within their working environment. Happiness can take place in many forms, examples being having regular feedback sessions, communicating effectively with staff and forming strong relationships, being recognised and celebrated for their hard work, taking regular breaks and having a motivated workforce whereby tasks are completed to the best of their ability. By having a strong leader within the organisation, these can all be achieved. But what are the top leadership skills and why are they so important?

Top leadership skills

Problem solving

A great leader is someone who has the ability to make well-thought out but quick decisions which will benefit both the future of the company and its employees. Having the ability to remain calm under pressure and solve problems effectively, as well as resolving any issues which may occur along the way will ensure deadlines are met and completed to its best standard.

Additionally, having beneficial problem-solving skills means that employees will feel more confidence to discuss any issues they may be facing within the workplace. Having someone to look up to in the office environment would also increase motivation.


Strong communication skills are a vital skill required in the workplace. An effective team leader is someone who can be a positive force within the team to ensure communication within the office remains high. To keep employees engaged and up to date with company news, both group meetings and 1-1 discussions are highly recommended.

Team building

It is very important to maintain a strong working environment between members of staff. By encouraging team building exercises and holding regular progress meetings, this will help to bind the team closer. Team building will help to improve communication that can help with solving problems and developing valuable relationships within the team.


By being honest and open with employees, this creates a sense of trust within the workforce. Having trust between an employer and employee has great benefits, such as both parties being open to sharing and providing feedback which can help to improve the company. By having a strong set of values which are known by others and carried out throughout the workplace, the team leader will be presented as an honest and professional individual.

How will this impact the workplace?

A strong leadership presence will create a healthy and happy working environment which will increase factors such as motivation, creativity, communication and productivity. Employees will feel welcome at a place of work where there is a strong leadership presence, which will radiate throughout the office and be displayed through the high levels of work that will be produced.

Our thoughts

After discussing with members of the team, at 84 Salop Street, we believe that strong leadership skills are vital in the working environment for an employee to reach their full potential. By having a manager who has all the key skills as listed above, this will reinforce the company goals that need to be achieved. As a result of this, the workplace will be successful!

What are your thoughts on this?