The top 5 things employees want in the office

29 Jun , 2022

Employee productivity and efficiency levels are a priority when working in the office. When applying for a job, many employees wish for certain key aspects to be included with their job role as a way of making them feel comfortable and valued. Today the team at 84 Salop Street have collated 5 different aspects that can assist with this.


By being recognised in the workplace for achievements and activities that have been completed following hours or even days of hard work, it is very important to show appreciation towards employees to increase recognition. Acknowledging employees will increase retention as this will show them that they are a valued member of the team. As a result of this, loyalty and hard work for the company will increase. In an online article, it has been noted that 91% of HR workers agree that being recognised and rewarded in the workplace has a positive effect on employee retention.


Like recognition, employees also wish to have regular feedback based on their work performance and what they could do to improve both professionally and personally. Having a manager who is optimistic and also welcomes employees to share any feedback or opinions they may have is a great way of increasing honesty and communication. As a result of this, the workplace will continue to grow, as feedback will be received and applied by employees to assist with enhancing the functionality of the business.


For employees who exceed their job role and are seeking a new challenge, offering progression opportunities to help with this is something that is widely searched for in an organisation. This also applies to employees who wish to grow in their current position, as they could be encouraged to take on a training course with the support of their managers. By providing such opportunities that will help an individual take the next step in their career, this will increase loyalty and appreciation towards the business.

Positive company culture

Working in an office environment with a great company culture is one of the most important things an employee wishes to be a part of. By being involved in a workplace that encourages communication and team working, this will help to develop relationships within the company; especially beneficial when conducting group projects. Having a positive company culture has many benefits, including improved productivity, enthusiasm towards the job role and having the ability to successfully work together with members of staff to drive the growth of the business.

Health and wellbeing

Promoting health and wellbeing in the office is a vital requirement that should be prioritised by every operating business. At 84 Salop Street, our large open plan spaces have been designed to encourage employees to take regular breaks and interact with other members of the team. Employees who are happy will be healthier, allowing them to focus on the tasks at hand. Click here to view the amenities available here at 84 Salop Street.

Our occupiers

By implementing these points into the office environment, not only will this benefit the people working there but also the overall development and progression of the business. When looking for employment, having the 5 points as listed above will stand out to employees and encourage them to apply for a position within the firm.

Our occupiers at 84 Salop Street are determined to always make their workspaces a healthy and productive environment, which is achieved through understanding exactly what it is that their employees wish to see. To find out more about our occupiers click here.